IndieGoGo Project Worth Supporting: New Billy Jonas Album

Billy Jonas

Building it one set of ears at a time! Campaign ends Nov. 3…

By Fred Mills

Since 2002’s acclaimed What Kind of Cat are You?, Asheville-based kid’s music auteur Billy Jonas has been expanding his musical palette to appeal not only to the wee folks but to their entire family; it’s no secret that his music (not to mention his outrageously innovative “industrial re-percussion” cadre of homemade instrumentation) makes him one of North Carolina’s most popular artists. He’s been putting the finishing touches on The Billy Jonas Band’s next album, Build It Back Again, additionally mounting an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign in order to help fund the project. Check out the pitch video:

So we here at BLURT would like to put our humble “thumbs up” out there for the Jonas Band album and encourage you, our gentle readership, to consider contributing to the IndieGoGo campaign. Go to the campaign page to contribute and for full details about the album and its financing, along with a list of perks you can grab at certain contribution levels. (Our favorite option: for $80 you can get “a personalized, improvised song written and sung for you over the phone.” Hey, that’s at least as cool as having Carl Kassell’s voice on your home answering machine!) There are 4 days left to contribute; it ends Nov. 3,so get a move on, folks. As of this writing it’s 89% funded, so just a few more contributions will help ’em meet the total goal of $30,000.

The upcoming record, in Jonas’ words, “carries the tradition forward. The music is written and recorded with a mission: to honor and empower the creativity, inherent intelligence, and desire to learn in young folks, as well as their adults; to inspire them, apart and together, to question and play — and to see these two things as inseparable, and as pathways to joy. Sophisticated, fun music, in the service of creating joy-filled individuals, families, and community. Yeah, we wanna change the world for the better — 2 ears at at time.”




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