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A good cause that you can help out with ease, music lovers.

 By Fred Mills

 It’s called Fishaband ( and the Sawyer, MI-based organization’s mission statement is “to create a free music networking website and mobile app that connects music artists and venues with each other and with fans.”

 Emphasis on FREE. Think about all the times you get spammed by so-called “networkers” who really just want to make a buck off bands, fans, etc. We think this is a a project you can get behind, so please check out Fishaband’s current Indiegogo campaign, which of this writing (May 25) has 6 days left. Deadline is 11:59 pm on May 31.

 Fishaband at Indiegogo:

 You can get all the details at the page and quickly see what premiums are being offered at the various levels of donation. By way of full disclosure, founder Klaus Nyman is a contributor to BLURT, and he rocks, trust us.Here’s the pitch video:

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