IndieGoGo Campaign We Can Get Behind: “Ghost Trek” Film


Confederate ghouls, arise….

By Blurt Staff

Amid all the many pitches we get for grassroots crowdfunding campaigns, this one mounted by longtime BLURT contributor Michael Plumides, of Charlotte, NC, definitely deserves the proverbial hat-tip—and the involvement of YOU, the discriminating BLURT readership. It’s for his film Ghost Trek: Confederate Ghouls, which is described a feature film about “paranormal research with an emphasis on bad taste.” It involves a team of paranormal researchers (none of them named Shaggy or Scooby-Doo, incidentally) who unexpectedly run into a cadre of undead – or semi-dead, or whatever you want to call their not-of-this-world condition – Confederate soldiers. This is what we might call “Southern gothic with an attitude”…

On the Ghost Trek pitch page, Plumides elaborates, writing, “If you haven’t heard of me, I’m here to get you all excited about a supernatural-horror-comedy project I created called, GHOST TREK!  If you love paranormal reality shows (or hate them), 80’s horror, ghoulish evil zombies back from the grave, metal, mixed-martial-arts, political satire, gore, dope and bro-humor… AND the occasional naked hotty running for her life, the film Ghost Trek: Confederate Ghouls is tailor-made for you!”

Well, all right then! You can read more at the pitch page, including how you can actually wind up in a Confederate uniform with ghoul makeup for a scene in the film by pledging at a certain level. Below you can watch the pitch video along with a trailer and episode of the “Ghost Trek TV” show that Plumides previously created. Then get pledging – tell ‘em BLURT sent ya. The campaign is slated to run 40 more days.

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