Indie Supergroup: Ty Segall + Ex-Cult + Fuzz = GØGGS


Do the math. First single streaming, below.

By Blurt Staff

Never standing still—make that, never even pausing to think about standing still!—is Ty Segall, who has yet another side project. Called GØGGS it comprises Segall, Chris Shaw (Ex-Cult) and Charles Moothart (from their collaboration Fuzz). Below you can listen to first single “She Got Harder,” taken from their forthcoming November album on In The Red. (via Pitchfork)

Shaw posted the details via GØGGS’ Tumblr:

CHAPTER ONE: GØGGS IS BORN.Ty and I decided we were going to start a band together when Ex-Cult opened for his band on the Slaughterhouse tour in 2013. A couple years later when the plans were solidified, it only made sense that thrash master Charles Moothart should get in on the experience. The three of us have been friends for years at this point, crashing at each others houses and riffling through each others record collections after a night of performing, partying, or both. This is not a side-project, it is a necessity. GØGGS is three heads, one spine, circling the drain of the wasteland known as mother earth.
The A side to the debut single “She Got Harder” (out this November on In The Red Records) is one of the first songs we came up for this project, with an Iggy Pop cover (Featuring Zumi Rosow) thrown on the B-Side for maximum damage.The album dropping next year (featuring guests Cory Hanson of Wand, Denee Petracek of Vial, and Mikal Cronin) will lead us into the second chapter of the GØGGS saga. Smoke the Wurm. A new player enters the game.  –Chris Shaw

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