Indie Music Industry Sexual Assault Updates

Alex Calder, Gaslamp Killer, Ducktails, Decapitated have their chance in the Weinstein seat. And no, neither than nor the headline intended to be flippant – it’s to get you to pay read the damn news item in the first place and then, hopefully, have you pay attention and think about it.

By Fred Mills

It’s not, as some clowns on Twitter may have asserted, “open season on males.” These are the times we live in, my friends – not “seasons,” as in “this, too, will pass.” Women from all walks of life and in all areas of employment are mad as hell, have been for some time, and now feel – hopefully – that they can state publicly they are not going to suppress it anymore, much less take it anymore.

Below are several current dispatches from the indie music sector that I encourage you to check out thoroughly, both for reasons of enlightenment and also to preempt the usual social media frenzies that typically accompanies potentially explosive breaking news – because sometimes the news turns out to be incomplete and premature, if not necessarily inaccurate. Big props to Stereogum for getting ahead of the stories and getting them into the mix before the weekend started unfolding with all its attendant distractions. The headlines are theirs. Follow the links for the complete reports.


Item No. 1: Matt Mondanile Departed Real Estate Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The Ducktails musician and Real Estate co-founder didn’t simply leave the latter to focus on Ducktails, as previously assumed; he was fired when his bandmates learned of “allegations of inappropriate conduct of women.”

Item No. 2: Alex Calder Dropped From Captured Tracks After Sexual Assault Allegation

An August-announced album from the Canadian musician is not being released on Oct. 20 by Captured Tracks, which announced Calder is no longer with the label due to “an allegation of sexual assault” (The Stereogum report also displays tweets from Calder alluding to the label situation, tweets that have now been deleted.)

Item No. 3: The Gaslamp Killer Responds To Allegations That He Drugged And Raped Two Women

William Benjamin Bensussen, aka Gaslamp Killer, was recently accused via Twitter post by @chelseaelaynne of a sexual assault that took place four years ago, and while he has denied the allegations, a number of business associates, including his label, Brainfeeder (home to Flying Lotus), and the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (where he was set to perform last night at Low End Theory, a performance that was cancelled), have taken steps to distance themselves from him.

Item No. 4: Members Of Decapitated Charged With Rape, Kidnapping

Waclaw Kieltyka and Michal Lysejko of Polish metal band Decapitated have been formally charged with rape and kidnapping. It was initially alleged that the band gang raped a woman on their tour bus following a Spokane show in August show, which led to the band being arrested in Los Angeles in September.


More details on all these as they emerge.

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