Incoming: Unconscious Collective


Heavily ritualistic indeed—glom dat photo, above. We’re all in the same tribe….

By Blurt Staff

Hottest platter currently spinning on the BLURT LP jukebox is Pleistocene Moon by Unconscious Collective, billed as “an experimental, heavily ritualistic jazz-rock band with strong musical roots in both punk/hardcore and free jazz.” Whew. Bit of an understatement there; it’s the heaviest, most skronking-est set of tunes our delicate ears have had the pleasure (or danger) to experience in the last couple of months. Texas label Tofu Carnage also went all out with the double LP edition, with a heavy-stock gatefold sleeve, art prints of each member and gorgeous splatter-colored wax.

But don’t take our word for it; go over to the Tofu Carnage site to hear some of the music. Meanwhile, here’s some video catnip of the U.C. song “Kotsoteka” for ya:

Kotsoteka // UNCONSCIOUS COLLECTIVE [live] from Fabián Aguirre on Vimeo.

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