Incoming: “SUB POP USA” Book Chronicling ‘80s ‘Zine

Sub Pop USA book

It’s a fanzine world and we just live in it.

By Blurt Staff

The word is out: November 17 is the Bazillion Points publication date for SUB POP U.S.A.: The Subterraneanan Pop Music Anthology, 1980–1988, by Sub Pop records founder Bruce Pavitt. As some folks probably know, before it was a record label, Sub Pop was Pavitt’s zine, and this volume collects complete reprints of the Sub Pop zine issues #1 through #9, plus Bruce Pavitt’s Sub Pop column from Seattle’s The Rocket, 1983–1988. Forewords by Calvin Johnson, Ann Powers, Larry Reid, Gerard Cosloy, Charles R. Cross.

The book is billed as “the full story behind the Seattle music explosion of the late 80s and early 90s, and a unique insight into the indie world of the 1980s via score of pop, rock, funk, hardcore, metal and artrock reviews…. Over 1,000 recording artists hunted down and hyped in their original indie habitats, including Black Flag, Sonic Youth, Hüsker Dü, the Wipers, Dinosaur Jr., Run-D.M.C., Slayer, Beastie Boys, Mudhoney…plus an entire nation of inspired amateurs.”


Those cassettes Pavitt put together weren’t too shabby either…

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