Incoming: Solo Album from Robert Forster


Yes, he WAS in a beloved Australian band and no, he was NOT an American actor…

By Blurt Staff

Erstwhile Go-Betweens mainman Robert Forster has set a Sept. 18 release date for his first album in seven years. Titled Songs to Play, it will arrive via Tapete. Check out the album trailer:

Forster has been busy in those seven years. Producer for acclaimed albums by Brisbane bands The John Steel Singers and Halfway. An extended stint as a music critic for the Australian periodical The Monthly that was so well received, a collection of his writings was published as ‘The Ten Rules Of Rock And Roll‘ in 2009 – and was reissued, revised and updated, in 2011. Curator and compiler of G Stands For Go-Betweens. Volume 1 is the first of three lavish boxset compilations for the beloved band.

Songs To Play comprises songs recorded on a mountain top half-an-hour from his Brisbane, Australia home, in an analogue studio, with a young musicians: talented multi- instrumentalists Scott Bromley and Luke McDonald (from The John Steel Singers), Matt Piele (drummer from his touring band), and violinist and singer Karin Baumler.


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