Incoming: Singles Box of Byrds, Spirit, Elevators, Love, etc. Covers

7 and 7 is covers

With Bevis Frond in the mix the trademark of quality is prominent.

 By Uncle Blurt

Mention 13th Floor Elevators, Love, Clear Light, United States of America, Byrds, Moby Grape, Spirit or Grateful Dead around yer ol’ uncle’s domicile and you’ll see an old man drool. Mention them all in one breath and you might have to call 911 for me. But that’s exactly what’s going on over at the tastemakers known as Fruits De Mer: 7 and 7 is – a new box set of 45s from Fruits de Mer Records. featuring American psych icons of the ‘60s as revisited by a host of contemporary psych icons. Check it out:

The Bevis Frond play Clear Light
The Higher State play 13th Floor Elevators
The Chemistry Set play Love
Sendelica play the United States of America
King Penguin play The Byrds
The Gathering Gray play Moby Grape
Black Tempest/The Seventh Ring Of Saturn play Spirit/Grateful Dead

Well, all right then! The box will be available in mid-September from Fruits de Mer. Below, listen to Bevis Frond’s track, “Night Sounds Loud.” And a big tip o’ the BLURT oilcan cap to contributor Barry St. Vitus for hepping us to these happening soundz…


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