Incoming: New LP by Rikk Agnew Band.


Living legend is still living – and finally cutting fresh material.


A literal legend in hardcore circles, veteran guitarist Rikk Agnew has been on the punk scene since the late ‘70s. Some may recall him from, variously, his stints in Social Distortion, the Adolescents, D.I., and Christian Death (he also popped up in a reunited 45 Grave in 2004-05). Yet he’s also consistently proven his mettle as a solo artist, starting in 1982 with All By Myself, released on the influential SoCal Frontier label.

Fast-forward to 2016: Agnew’s new effort, Learn is on Frontier, appropriately enough, given that label’s consistent support over the years of sundry mavericks of the American punk milieu. It comes on the heels of Agnew getting sober a few years ago, having succumbed to serious drug abuse for an extended period of time. (Check the album art below- it’s a pretty chilling visual depiction of the proverbial “ravages of drug use.”


Learn, due Oct. 14, is crammed with political punk for both the new and the older generation. In a forthcoming review, BLURT’s very own Uncle Blurt – a survivor of the early ‘80s pit wars himself – calls it “a seamless collision of galloping hardcore and riotous punk… It all sounds like a time capsule from 3 ½ decades ago, yet there’s also no denying the rush one gets in the realization that just as relevant now as it would have been back then.”

In the band with Agnew: Sam Hare, Justin Parnell, Gregory Watson, and Agnew’s Christian Death pal Gitane DeMone.


Incidentally, the album will be available on thick 180 gram vinyl, download code included. You know what format we here at BLURT recommend…


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