Incoming: New LP from Green Pajamas’ Jeff & Suzanne Kelly


“Blurs The Lines Between Americana and Psychedelia” and we’re not talkin’ Robin Thicke….

By Reckless Moonlight is the second collaborative album from Jeff and Susanne Kelly of beloved Seattle pop-sike band the Green Pajamas. It’s the way, way, way overdue to 1987’s cult-fave Coffee in Nepal (now long out of print, this simple home recording done on 4-track porta-studio by the pair was first released on cassette, in fact).

Jeff, whose work with Green Pajamas for the past 30 years (and Goblin Market for the past 14), is somewhat of a garage-psychedelic icon well beyond his home base of Seattle. Susanne is a painter whose work has been featured in Seattle galleries as well as on album covers for the Green Pajamas and other Northwest artists. In 2013, after releasing four Green Pajamas and Goblin Market projects in one year, Jeff decided it was time to, in his words, “Time to reset the clock. Time to rekindle the collaborative musical spark. Time to make a sequel.”

According to Kelly’s label, Green Monkey, this new album “travels a pockmarked, often sparse, musical landscape. From the skeletal-yet-sweet breath of “A Girl’s Game” to eerie vibe of “David,” the (burial) groundswells of organ on “I’d Rather Be Filming In Vanda’s Room” and soaring leads of “I’ll Be Coming Home To Find You,” finally coming around full circle to the plaintive longing of “Please Come Home,” the Kellys offer 13 fractured portraits of love and decay all viewed through a dark, haunting lens.”

Here’s an advance taste:

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