Incoming: New Cibo Matto Album

Cibo Matto

First new record in 15 years.

 By Blurt Staff

 The year was 1999, and the album was Stereo Type A – the final album from Japanese pop loonies Cibo Matto. The ‘90s were good to the band, but it was clearly time to retire the brand. Then about two years ago there were a handful of comeback shows, and in 2014 it is to turn into a full-on reunion via Hotel Valentine (Chimera), on Feb. 14, appropriately enough.

Here is the first single and video, “MFN,” of which we are not sure what the letters stand for but it’s kind fun to say ‘em out loud kinda fast and slurred.


1 Check In
2 Deja Vu
 3 10th Fl.Ghost Girl
4 Emerald Tuesday
6 Hotel Valentine
7 Empty Pool
8 Lobby
9 Maid Song (House Keeping)
10 Check Out

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