Incoming: New Ardent-cut Orange Humble Band Album


The verdict: “a masterpiece.”

By Fred Mills

This just in from Posies/Big Star man Ken Stringfellow, via his blog:

“I got my advance copy of the new Orange Humble Band album, Depressing Beauty. It’s a masterpiece. Tracked at Ardent Studios in Memphis, with Jody from Big Star on drums, Dave Smith (Cat Power, etc) on bass, Mitch Easter producing and playing guitar, Rick Steff (Lucero) on keys, and OHB mastermind Darryl Mather on acoustic guitar, and me singing the lead vocals…all live.

“Dwight Twilley appears, Chris Stamey and Carl Marsh (Carl did the original string etc arrangements on Big Star’s Third) did the string arrangements, and then on overdubs there’s Jon Auer singing/playing various stuff, Susan Cowsill on BVs, the Memphis Horns, Spooner Oldham on keys…it’s, Beautiful recordings and performances. The release will be thru Citadel in Australia and it’s limited to 1000 numbered copies. Great packaging too.”

Well, all right! For those not in the know, Australia’s Orange Humble Band is one of the greatest power pop outfits ever to set foot in a recording studio. Founder Darryl Mather (Lime Spiders, Someloves) launched it around 1995, going on to release two albums and an EP—1997’s Assorted Creams, 2001’s Humblin’ (Across America) and the ’98 Down In Your Dreams EP. Stringfellow was recruited for vocals, and a good chunk of the recording was done with Mitch Easter, making it a true transcontinental supergroup of sorts. So considering the band’s pedigree and the roster of players, we here at Blurt are eagerly awaiting this new one…

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