Incoming: Monster Magnet’s 1st Two Albums Reissued on Vinyl/CD/Digital

Spine of God and Tab helped usher in the era of stoner rock…

By Uncle Blurt

Okay kids, a quick history lesson from yer ol’ Uncle. The year was 1989. The locale was New Jersey. And the band was called Monster Magnet. Three years after their first EP on Glitterhouse, the band released their official debut album “Spine Of God” on Caroline Records. The original debut album “Tab” was recorded a year earlier then “Spine of God”, but it wasn’t until the latter drew critical and commercial blood that Tab ultimately saw release. Now, with Sept. 1 looming, the Napalm label is prepped to reissue those two stoner-rock touchstone, and on vinyl as well as CD and digital.

Check out some classic tuneage to refresh your memories, below, then make your plans to line up at your favorite local indie record store.

We are duly advised that “the drug hazed heavy sound of both releases helped in cementing Monster Magnet’s reputation of being the only legit descendants of the likes of psychedelic and stoner rock Godfathers Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, and their electrifying punk siblings in MC5.” Soon enough, the albums Superjudge, Dopes to Infinity and Powertrip would be unleashed.

The band will also release a brand new studio album later this year. On the web:

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