Incoming: Killer Sun Records’ Sam Phillips Box Set


The dude wasn’t just shaking his pelvis in the wind…

On October 30, venerable North Carolina indie Yep Roc Records slips across the border into Tennessee to  release a compilation of 55 songs that Sam Phillips recorded and released on Sun Records – a personal survey of one of the most important bodies of work in recording history. They represent Sun Records’ classics, near misses and curiosities.

The 2CD/3LP set is a companion to Peter Guralnick’s definitive bio coming Nov 10: ‘Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock N’ Roll.’ This is Guralnick’s first book in a decade and the result of a 25 year friendship with Sam Phillips and his family.

Guralnick himself curated this 55-song set and authored a track-by-track for each selection.

Says Guralnick: “Let me just make one thing clear. This is not a Greatest Hits package. It’s the celebration of a moment, of a lot of different moments, all but one taking place within a decade plus one that Sam played an active role – a revolutionary one – in what used to be called the record business.”

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