Incoming: Expanded Reissue of the Muffs’ 1st LP


Cat scratch fevuh from Kim Shattuck & Co. Watch album trailer, below.

Classic pop/punk alterna/indie combo The Muffs burst onto the California music scene at the beginning of the ’90s, and after a few independent singles and EPs, they were quickly snapped up by Warner Bros. Records. Entering the studio with David Katznelson and Rob Cavallo (who would go on the helm records from Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls, and more), The Muffs cut their self-titled debut to massive critical acclaim. Now Omnivore is prepping to reissue it along with no less than 10 bonus tracks on August 14.

It contains the original album plus a radio remix of “Lucky Guy,” a version of “Everywhere I Go” that was only available on the cassette of The Muffs album, and eight previously unissued demos from the band’s vocalist and lead guitarist, Kim Shattuck — who filled the role of departed Kim Deal on the Pixies’ 2013 tour. Jon Spencer (Pussy Galore and his own Blues Explosion) adds some theremin (“I Need You”), and the Godfather of Exotica, Korla Pandit, contributes Hammond organ (“From Your Girl”). The album includes a 31-second version of the Angry Samoans’ “Stupid Jerk.” The beverage Fruitopia caught the Muffs buzz, using the track “Everywhere I Go” in a popular television campaign.

Shattuck and bassist Ronnie Barnett provide new liners, and they have opened their archives for photos and other ephemera.

According to Barnett in the notes: “This album did find its audience, if not a huge one. It’s the first album Rob Cavallo produced (his second one was called Dookie by some buddies of ours from the Bay Area who were fans). It has its flaws, but it’s never gone out of print. It may or may not have too many songs, and there may have been too many cooks in the studio, but it is what it is — our first album. It had heart, it had songs, and is the basis for our ongoing — after all of this time — career. Kim and I used to dismiss this album, but I now think it’s time to embrace it.”

Last year the band reunited and issued their first new release in a decade, garnering critical lauds and playing to enthusiastic crowds.

Track Listing:

  1. Lucky Guy

2.Saying Goodbye

3.Everwhere I Go

4.Better Than Me

5.From Your Girl

  1. Not Like Me

7.Baby Go Round

8.North Pole

  1. Big Mouth
  2. Every Single Thing
  3. Don’t Waste 
Another Day
  4. Stupid Jerk
  5. Another Day
  6. Eye To Eye
  7. I Need You
  8. All For Nothing

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Lucky Guy (Radio Remix)
  2. Everywhere I Go (Cassette Version)

 Even More Bonus Tracks (4-Track Demos)

  1. All For Nothing *
  2. Do You Want Her *
  3. I Don’t Expect It *
  4. My Face *
  5. Something On My Mind *
  6. Ethyl My Love *
  7. Not Like Me *
  8. Saying Goodbye To Phil *

*Previously unissued




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