Incoming: Documentary Film about Rock Journalism

Ticket to Write

It’s like a bunch of Elvis Costello lookalikes dancing about architecture! – David Lee Roth

By Blurt Staff

Road Ahead Productions , LLC ( is readying for release a documentary entitled  Ticket to Write : The Golden Age of Rock Music Journalism. It is a look at the musical landscape circa 1966 –  1981 , as told through interviews with period journalists and musicians . The director is Raul Sandelin , whose previous directing credits include 2013’s acclaimed Lester Bangs documentary A Box Full of Rocks : The El Cajon Years of Lester Bangs. Below, watch the trailer:

In addition to the many legendary critics interviewed for the film – among them, Jaan Uhelszki, Ed Ward, Billy Altman, Richard Meltzer, Jim DeRogatis, Bill Holdship, Susan Whitall and Ira Robbins the roll call of musicians include ……

* Musician / producer Chris Stamey ( the dBs  )

* Mike Skill , guitarist and principal songwriter for The Romantics ( ” What I Like About You ” , ” Talking in Your Sleep  ” )

* Terre Roche , of the influential New York harmony group , The Roches .

Road Ahead is presently exploring distribution opportunities with a number of film companies, and are aiming for a Summer release. Sandelin and Road Ahead’s Ed Turner were recently interviewed about the film for Punk Globe.

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