Incoming: Deluxe 3CD Box by Power Pop Icons Shoes


By Uncle Blurt

It’s not just that we were privileged to host Illinois legends Shoes at one of our SXSW day parties in Austin, or that we were huge fans going back decades of the power pop icons. It’s more like, ANYTHING these guys release, we will be first in line at the record store.

From Britain’s Cherry Red archival label:

Shoes: Black Vinyl Shoes, Anthology 1973-1978, 3CD Clamshell Boxset (Released August 31, 2018)

First issued in 1977 on the band’s own label but not widely available until it was reissued in 1978, SHOES’ first album proper, Black Vinyl Shoes, is an absolute classic of US Power Pop, characterised by gorgeous, Byrds-style chiming guitars, wistful, melancholy melodies and wonderful harmonies. These include the entire Black Vinyl Shoes album, their privately-pressed 1975 album One In Versailles, the 1975 recordings which were unissued at the time but belatedly presented as Bazooka, two tracks from their mythical 1974 LP Heads Or Tails, their one-off single for Bomp! and a handful of previously unissued tracks.

‘Nuf sed. Follow the link for the full track listing, which includes the titular LP plus the other proximate material.


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