Incoming: Curse of Lono (ex-Hey Negrita)12″ EP


A bold new incarnation for Hey Negrita’s Felix Bechtolsheimer featuring everything from Krautrock to folk to jazzy gothic noir.

By Fred Mills

Given how easy it is to become jaded as a music writer, what with the weekly deluge of music, those times when a new release grabs you by the throat, throttles you properly, and leaves you in a pulpy puddle on the floor begging for more are to be cherished. Such is the case with the forthcoming self-titled, 4-song, 12″ vinyl EP by London’s Curse of Lono, due  October 14 on the Submarine Cat label. The band is the brainchild of Felix Bechtolsheimer, who previously performed in the much-loved Hey Negrita, which toured extensively and released four albums prior to Felix deciding it was time to move on and test out some new sounds and textures. Somewhere along the way he encountered the ’83 Hunter S. Thompson mini-memoir The Curse of Lono—a kind of Hawaiian-misadventures variation on the truth-in-loathing angle—and liked the name.

The music dips into everything from Krautrock to folk to jazzy gothic noir, and they are apparently also the soundtrack for an Alex Walker-directed short film starring Grant Masters and Marta Hermida, Meanwhile, the group has been filming a series of live-in-studio performances intended to visually enhance their material, and the intimate videos can be viewed at their Facebook page or YouTube channel. By way of a teaser for the forthcoming review here at BLURT, check out a couple of those clips, below.

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