Incoming: Collection of Rare/unreleased Scruffy The Cat Tunes

Scruffy then'

Get some cat nip!

By Fred Mills

Mark your calendars for Sept. 16: that’s when Omnivore Recordings is set to drop a collection o’ tunes from late, great Boston band Scruffy The Cat. The Good Goodbye will feature 23 previously rare and unreleased recordings circa 1984-90, including material the band cut during their final recording sessions. Check out the teaser video trailer:

Who the heck was Scruffy the Cat, some of you may be asking? Ah, the group was a much beloved combo back in the day for many here among the BLURT brain trust. While at times it seemed like the band was only known in the New England area, devotees of college rock of the era regularly packed the clubs whenever Scruffy came to town with their sharp-clawed (sorry) blend of garage, power pop and proto-Americana roots-rock. (Some pundits lumped ‘em into the nascent cowpunk movement of the era as well, but in truth, there ain’t no cowboys in Boston, just punks.) They released a pair of albums and a handful of singles and Eps before calling it a day at the dawn of the ‘90s and even reunited for a couple of shows in Boston in 2011 as a benefit concert for founding member Charlie Chesterman, who was suffering from cancer (the cancer would ultimately take him in 2013).

I can’t think of a finer way to pay tribute to Charlie than via the Omnivore compilation. A big tip o’ the BLURT hat to the project’s organizers.

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1.Big Fat Monkey’s Hat
2. The Burning Cross
3. Everything
4. The Ghost Song
5. Lover’s Day
6. Happiness To Go
7. Oldest Fire in the World
8. Tiger Tiger
9. Lost Highway
10. Tonight
11. Shadow Boy
12. Slow Down
13. Momma Killed Hate
14. Well Alright
15. Red Light
16. I Like the Way You Dance
17. The Doctor Song
18. Sweet News
19. I Knew That You Would
20. Love Song #9
21. Hope
22. Porch Flambe
23. The Good Goodbye
All tracks previously unissued except track 20. Tracks 5-17 recorded live.


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