Incoming: Chris Bell (Big Star) Biography in August

By Blurt Staff

Considering how BLURT pretty much covers everything related to Big Star, this one’s a no-brainer: Venerable music journalist Rich Tupica has authored a biography/oral history of the late Big Star co-founder, Chris Bell, and it arrives in August via the equally venerable HoZac Records’ book division. Need we say more, other than we plan to be first in line at the bookstore for There Was A Light? Advises HoZac, “After FIVE solid years of painstaking research and hard work, Rich Tupica’s epic tome on the deep end of the BIG STAR story is ready.”

Indeed, Tupica interviewed pretty much anyone who knew or worked with Bell, and he also excavated key comments and quotes from folks who are no longer with us via archival interviews (Alex Chilton, among them). Clearly a must-read. You can view the preorder page HERE.

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