Incoming: 1st Linda Perhacs Album in 44 Years

Linda Perhacs

Once again, mark those calendars for March 4… meanwhile, watch a video, below.

 Linda Perhacs’ 1970 country hippie album Parallelograms  has enjoyed a special classic status and long-eduring afterlife among music fans;  a rediscovered gem that never fades back into obscurity. Perhaps, the American equivalent to Vashti Bunyan’s Just Another Diamond Day. But in recent years Perhacs herself learned that Parallelograms had become a cult album. A CD reissue on The Wild Places imprint followed in 2003, but Perhacs’ reputation only continued to grow. Devendra Banhart was particularly evangelical, and tempted Perhacs back into a studio in 2007 to provide backing vocals on his reconstruction of the vintage Topanga vibe, Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon.

Linda Perhacs cd

 Disparate and unlikely fans revealed themselves: Swedish death metal group Opeth covered “Parallelograms”; Daft Punk placed “If You Were My Man” in their Electroma movie. And slowly, Perhacs began making music again. In 2010, she performed live for the very first time, at a tribute show (organised by the internet radio station, Dublab) that connected her to a new generation of LA musicians supernaturally attuned to her vision. Then came an email from Fernando Perdomo, a musician/producer who’d just moved from Florida into Perhacs’ LA neighbourhood. Along with another Perhacs fan, Chris Price, the trio began recording the eclipse song, “River Of God”, and what became the new album’s title track, The Soul Of All Natural Things. Julia Holter and Ramona Gonzalez contribute, too, on a set of 12 new songs.

 Ssays Sufjan Stevens, who is releasing The Soul Of All Natural Things on his Asthmatic Kitty label, “Perhacs has a prophetic voice that speaks beauty and truth with the kind of confidence and hope that has been lost for decades. There is nothing more real in music today.”

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