Hüsker Dü to Reunite? Official Website Launched


Magic 8-ball sez “forecast cloudy, but you can still wear a teeshirt.” Below, watch the original official video for band classic “Makes No Sense at All.”

By Blurt Staff

Nothing has legs like a rock ‘n’ roll reunion rumor (or has better alliteration). And that’s what’s currently happening in Hüsker Dü territory following the launch of an official merchandise site for the band. The Official Hüsker Dü Merchandise page debuted last weekend with teeshirts available for purchase at $25 apiece; you can see a photo of some of the designs below, and posters, archival releases and more are in the pipeline. Note that past merch has never been exactly authorized.

HD tee

Bassist Greg Norton noted that this event was “just 30 years in the making” (the band broke up in ’88 and Norton, drummer Grant Hart and guitarist Bob Mould have never exactly been known to have parted amicably), adding that Meat Puppets manager Dennis Pelowski intends to “help us figure out how to get a foothold back in the business” reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Some of that will inevitably involve arranging for reissues of the band’s back catalog, several items of which originally appeared on SST; Pelowski apparently helped the Meat Puppets get control back of their own SST titles, the label’s Greg Ginn being somewhat notorious in his business dealings with bands.

Meanwhile, is a reunion in the offing? Norton isn’t saying yet, but he did drop this tantalizing bit: “The main thing is, there’s ongoing communication between the three of us now.”

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