Huge Long Ryders Boxed Set Anthology Due


“Beloved band” doesn’t even begin to sum up the group’s legacy.

By Fred Mills

You can call ’em members of the Paisley Underground – you know, that somewhat erroneously label for the ’80s West Coast guitar band scene that included the Dream Syndicate, True West, Green On Red, Rain Parade and even the Bangles – or you could simply cite their twangy brand of roots-rock and psych that marked ’em as obvious Americana forerunners. Among fans, though, they were simply the Long Ryders, and on Jan. 22 a long-overdue comprehensive career overview drops via Cherry Red. Titled Final Wild Songs (after the band tune “Final Wild Sons” – hey, that’s a pretty efficient way to rope in a name, simply by adding one letter!), it’s a 4-disc box that pretty much serves as the, ahem, final word on the beloved band.


Below, check out the 6-minute album promo trailer for the box.

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