Hollow Cry Plots U.S. Success: Exclusive Interview

Spanish outfit isn’t procrastinating on its plans to win over American metal fans…

By Tiffini Taylor

Hollow Cry is a metalcore band from Spain, Lleida to be exact. The Spain music scene is a bit different, it is more classic rock. Each country in the world has a different timeline of music. Hollow Cry has been a band since around 2010. They are at the forefront of the Spain metal scene. They are coming strong to America’s music scene. I had the pleasure of speaking with Hollow Cry and this what they had to say. (Below: the debut music video, “Last Call,” off From Ashes To Flames,  the debut album released in September via Into Records.)

Blurt: How did the band form?

Hollow Cry: “We started out like everybody else, a group of friends playing in a garage. We covered the music we liked—mostly national and international punk rock—and before we knew it, we were doing concerts. Time passed, and our taste in music switched to metal. A few members left, others joined, and soon we were composing our own songs. It was a gradual process.”

Blurt: Being from Spain, what differences do you notice between metal in Spain and metal in America?

Hollow Cry:  “While metal is on the rise in the US, it’s dying in Spain. You’ll only hear the classics in here—AC/DC, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer and such—and that makes it even more difficult for us. An American metal band recently told  us that the style that dominates the US metal scene right now is pretty similar to ours. That was encouraging.”

Blurt: What was the recording process like on ‘From Ashes to Flames’?

Hollow Cry: “We had six songs already, but they needed to be fleshed out. It wasn’t until we got deep into the creative process that we started to find our groove, develop our sound. It was demanding, but we enjoyed every second of it. I think that the hard work payed off; we’re really proud of our album.”

Blurt: Your band had a name change, originally called ‘Winter Shades’ changed to ‘Hollow Cry’, why the name change?

Hollow Cry: “There was a band registered as ‘Shades of Winter.’ We changed our name to avoid legal problems, just in case.”

Blurt: Where did the name ‘Hollow Cry’ come from?

Hollow Cry: “It’s a funny story. None of the members could come up with a name. Then, one night, Xavi Strife (lead singer) and his brother Carlos were going over a list of prospective names—all of them pretty lame, I must say—when, out of the blue, Carlos said it out loud, like an epiphany. Hollow Cry. That was our name; we knew it right away. It conveys what we’d been through since we started to play metal: no matter how loud we cried, no matter how desperate the scream; nobody would listen. We felt invisible, left out.”

Blurt: How would you describe your sound?

Hollow Cry: “Aggressive but melodic. All in all, it’s easy on the ear.”

Blurt: Are there plans to tour?

Hollow Cry: “That’s what we’re focusing on right now. We hope we can get on the road soon enough.”

Blurt: What is in the future for Hollow Cry?

Hollow Cry: “Our medium-term goal is to share the stage with the bands we admire the most. But we’re taking it one step at a time, and right now we want to get known and expand our fanbase.”

Hollow Cry is a heavy band that is taking over the metal scene in Spain, now they’re going to take on America. The members include: Aleix Farre- guitar, Marc Munoz- guitar, Joan Flores- bass, Xavi Strife- vocals, Enric Pons- drums. These five guys know how to make one want to head bang. There are some good bands coming out of Spain who are developing the metal scene. Hollow Cry is breaking down barriers in their home country and now in America. Their first single is titled ‘Procrastinated’ – check out the lyric video below. Keep an eye on this band, check them out.


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