Hey-hey, We’re the Ding Dongs!

Ding Dongs

People say we always dinging around…

 By Uncle Blurt

 Your unk’s fave new band this year? That would be The Ding Dongs, aka Mark Sultan, the golden voice from ‘The King Khan & BBQ Show’, ‘Les Sexareenos’ or a bunch of other classic-album making outfits, and Bloodshot Bill: the perpetual touring machine, the best one-man band out there, the prolific champion.

 We are advised: “What else can be said about this band, except that it is as pure an offering to the ghosts of rock’n’roll as has been seen in years – they just don’t write em like this anymore. This isn’t a self-conscious tribute band. Nor some two-bit ‘rockabilly’ outfit. This is a spiritual culmination of years of love, years of performance, years of delectable self-flagellation for the love of the holiest of holies – Rock’n’Roll.”

   “The Ding-Dongs, like most of what these two get into, is the secret handshake among fans of the real shit, so it was no surprise to see this, their second album, ‘Rang Tang Ding Dong’, get a release from the legendary NYC label/institution Norton Records. The album is a 16-song classic. These two guys may sound from another era, but they are modernists in the truest sense. It’s like finding a clean stream on a walk in a park – not everything is polluted today, just tough to find but ultimately refreshing.”

 This is a party, my friends. Grab a drink. Grab your love. Rang Tang Ding Dong.

Listen to the album HERE!

 On the web: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ding-Dongs/248410718651074

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