Hey Facebook, Give Cheetah Chrome Back His Name!


WWRHD? (What would Rock Hudson do?)

By Uncle Blurt

I wanna be a Dead Boy. Or rather, I used to wanna be one – a member, that is, of the punk-rock icons from Clevo. More recently, I’ve dug mightily the work of co-founding member Gene O’Connor, aka Cheetah Chrome, and I even followed him on Facebook. The dude is still rocking.

But not if Facebook can help it: according to CaliforniaRocker.com, the social media platform recently took down Chrome’s FB page apparently because it was his stage name and not his real name. Never mind that he’d been on there for ages and is, shall we say, a public figure. “I’ve had this Facebook page for years,” Chrome told the website. “I can’t believe this situation.  They want to see a driver’s license and they want all this proof from me, but yet they just let someone else — who clearly isn’t me — present themselves on Facebook with my identity. I have been dealing with this problem since last July. I’m ready to shut down my page and get off Facebook altogether.”

Indeed. a fan in France established a “Cheetah Chrome” FB page and has not had any problems with it.

Meanwhile, speaking of fans, there is now also a Facebook page called “Give Cheetah Chrome Back His Name.” It’s intended to draw attention to the ludicrous situation. Go over there and friend it, pronto, if you agree.

Gee, what would Facebook do to Rock Hudson—not his real name of course—if he were still around?

Just the same, as CaliforniaRocker.com duly notes, “the experience is not uncommon.” According to an attorney, “The incident underscores the need for artists, musicians and other creative types to trademark and copyright their creations as well as their created names. ‘This is not the first time something like this has happened and it won’t be the last.’ the attorney said. ‘It shows that people using assumed names have to register and trademark them when appropriate.’”

Does that mean we are to assume that the French fan mentioned above registered and trademarked the name Cheetah Chrome? At least she took down her FB page voluntarily when Chrome got in contact with her.

Me, I’m thinking of registering a page under the name Stiv Bators. Or, what the hell, maybe as Uncle Blurt….

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