Heroes Of SXSW 2014 Part 87: Keith Streng (Split Squad/Fleshtones)


Latest in long-running series. Collect ‘em all….

 By Fred Mills

 What? You say you were NOT at BLURT’s 4-day day party during SXSW last week in Austin, at the Ginger Man Pub? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

 We therefore present this little flashback so you’ll at least get a tentative whiff of what ya missed. Pictured above is the mighty Keith Streng, hardest working guitarist on the east coast, having performed double duty with both his long-running supah-rock combo The Fleshtones and the so-cool-they-are-too-cool garage fiends Split Squad. At our party the dude clearly brought new meaning to the term “table dance,” and he didn’t even expect ladies or gents to tuck five dollar bills into his tightie whities… the only thing missing was his leopard print jacket that he wore at last year’s party. Ay, caramba!

 Photo by Marybeth Kurzynowski


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