Here Are Videos from that Faces Reunion!


A right knees-up that Mac and Plonk would’ve appreciated…

By Uncle Blurt

The Twitter missives tell the tale:

@rodstewart A perfect rockin’ evening with my mates @RonnieWood @KenneyJones! #FacesReunion

@ronniewood Had me a real good time tonight @ProstateUK @KenneyJones @rodstewart

@KenneyJones What an amazing night last night was! The biggest thank you to everyone involved

Those @ folks would be, ahem, the surviving members of The Faces, who got back together Saturday night (Sept. 5) for a quickie reunion, a benefit gig for Prostate Cancer UK. It took place at Hurtwood Park Polo Club in Ewhurst, Surrey —where else would a Faces reunion take place except a polo club? (Well, maybe a soccer club…) —and it is clear from the clips below, all assembled had them a real good time.


Though Mac (Ian McLagan) and Plonk (Ronnie Lane) are no longer with us, having died, respectively, in 2014 and 1997, the groundwork has clearly been lain for something more enduring, eh? Start inflating those soccer balls, Rod! (Go HERE to read our interview with and tribute to Lane, incidentally.)

And God bless you, Mac and Plonk. From this lifelong Small Faces fan, you are deeply missed…

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