Here’s That Awesome Prefab Messiahs Video


Which one of those guys in the picture above is the REAL weirdo, hmm?

By Uncle Blurt

Hands down our fave video around the Blurt hobbit hutch of late is “Weirdoz Everywhere” by Boston psychedelicists the Prefab Messiahs. It’s got a kick akin to 50 microdots of caffeine, and it’s non-fattening to boot. In our recent review of the band’s new Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive we enthused over the band thusly:

“It’s every bit as unintentionally brilliant as [their previous album]. A bit of fuzz here, a dollop of jangle there, a smidgen of ’60s damage over there, and no shortage of hemp stains all across the board—that’s the Prefab Messiahs.”

Okay, here’s the new Prefab Four to rearrange your mind.

Incidentally, the album’s available on sweet 10″ vinyl from the Burger label and on 10″ and CD on the KLYAM label.

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