Here’s That new Black Flag Album Cover Art


Whuh– th– ?!?

By Uncle Blurt

Last week your ol’ Uncle Blurt was asked if we would like an interview with FLAG, the Keith Morris-helmed band of Black Flag expats currently touring with a setlist loaded with, you guessed it, Black Flag material. Nuh-uhh, we replied; we’re not wading into this shithole moshpit of bad vibes ANYTIME in the forseeable future. Not given the recent court dealings involving Morris, FLAG, Black Flag’s Greg Ginn, Henry Rollins, and who-know-who-else-that-might-get-involved. (Here’s hoping Pettibon can stay removed from it all.) There are too many agendas and not enough actual music here to stage-dive into the mess.

At any rate, you probably know that Ginn announced a new Black Flag album this week, the first BF waxing since 1985 and the mighty In My Head. Yours truly has an autographed copy bearing the date, the official “bars” logo, and Rollins’ then-standard birthdate “signature,” so I know of what I speak. It is to be titled What The… and it drops in two weeks, on Nov. 5. The cover art, above, was captured, apparently from an iTunes thumbnail, hence the poor resolution; although retail stores received one-sheets this week that could easily be scanned and posted to give you a better image.

But that’s not our place. Like I said, we’re staying out of all things FLAG and Black Flag from here on out.

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