Here’s the Art for the Paul Westerberg Vinyl Reissue


Surprise! It’s just like the old CD art!

 By Blurt Staff

 For reasons known only to Paul Westerberg and the record label Plain Recordings, his second solo album 1996′s Eventually, will be reissued before his first solo album, 1993’s 14 Songs. No matter; while 14 Songs is essential Westerberg and Eventually is generally considered a lackluster effort, both will be welcome additions to the vinyl canon, particularly considering that they first appeared precisely when the record industry was doing its level best to kill off vinyl and rake in profits via compact laser discs. Perfect sound forever, and all that rot.

 The ’96 album arrives for the first time on vinyl on Jan. 21, and its predecessor is expected to drop not too long afterward. Both will be on 180-gm audiophile wax, natch. 14 Songs will have cover art—pictured above—that duplicates the original cover art of the limited edition version of the CD, which came packaged as a hardback book. (via Slicing Up Eyeballs)

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