Heliocentrics’ ‘Quatermass Sessions 1’ Hits the Bins… and Minds


Now-Again label drapes the psychedelic funk and so much more with a late-entry offering for 2013 best-of word music releases…

 Returning after their 13 Degrees of Reality album with a full on volley of psychedelic-funk songs first heard on Gaslamp Killer’s HELIO X GLK EP, the Heliocentrics offer nine tracks that Rolling Stone describes as “…sprawling, with percussive patterns that suddenly morph into extraterrestrial sound blasts and opaque, detouring patterns.”

Well, all right! We are further advised, of our fave world artist, that “this is probably only the beginning of The Heliocentrics’ excavations into the sonic experiments they entered into for years at their recently vacated Quatermass Studios.”

The Five Thing
Thunder & Lightning
Noises & Conversations
Tomorrow Today
Something Bad A Coming
Outer Realms

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