Headed to Hopscotch? Check The Schoolkids’ Day Parties


Skids Hop

Connells, Jack the Radio, Hank Sinatra, Wailin Storms, Happy Abandon and tons more – what’s not to like?

By Fred Mills

By now most of you know that we have a couple of sister businesses, the Second Motion Records label, and the Schoolkids Records retail stores (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill – I manned the Raleigh store myself from 2012-15). We are all owned by my pal Stephen Judge, a veritable music industry mogul. No, he probably will not like me calling him a “mogul,” but at very least, he’s a lifer, with direct experience in pretty much every aspect of the music biz, from retail management/purchase to A&R, artist management and marketing to ye olde BLURT’s style of hard-hitting, no-bullshit rock journalism. You might want to read his latest essay about the state of the music retail biz, “Nevermind The Bollocks, Here’s the Vinyl Record Industry,” for some eye-opening discussion.

So anyway, there’s this little ol’ music festival called Hopscotch, and it’s happening this week in Raleigh, Sept. 8-10. It boasts some serious heavy-hitters, and it typically draws from throughout the entire Southern and Mid-Atlantic region. (Check the schedule HERE.) As per our annual tradition at the Raleigh Schoolkids, we’ll be hosting a trifecta of day parties featuring some quite hot ‘n’ hip bands from the Triangle area. The schedule is below, so if you are in town for Hopscotch, please drop by one or more days to hear some free music. Did I just write free? Yessir, no admission, not even an official H-scotch wristband required.

Did I forget to mention that we sell BEER at Schoolkids? Yessir, we do, alongside the vinyl, the CDs, the teeshirts, the books, and the ‘tude. Ask for Matti or Jeff, and tell ’em that Fred and Uncle Blurt sent ya….

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