Gwen Stefani Goes Hella Media Ho Route


The mug shot above is not the ho you are looking for…

By Barbi Martinez

As my editor once advised me, “some days you write about the news, and some days the news writes itself.”

Former No Doubt doubtress and erstwhile Bush band bon vivant Gwen Stefani has apparently decided that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are passe, and instead has set up shop on LinkedIn to promote her new album, This Is What Truth Feels Like. Why LinkedIn, when everyone that you or I know – and pretty much everyone in the western hemisphere that has a clue about networking his or her skillz or resumes – ditched the dinosaur website months, if not years, ago? Stefani, apparently going the MySpace route, isn’t really saying, other than some vague notion of “evolution”:

“Evolution is a very natural process. In work or life, it’s best to not overthink or force yourself to try too hard. Things should move forward in a natural way. With No Doubt, L.A.M.B. or This Is What The Truth Feels Like, it’s about the process and the journey. It’s honoring that passion and drive to be honest in the moment. That’s something I’ve learned is true in life as well. For me, it’s about focusing on the present and less about what will happen at the end.”

Well, there’s always The Voice and Blake Shelton, Gwenno, As long as no one mistakes you for Christina, aka, The Other Blonde Ho.

If you dare, check out Stefani’s LinkedIn profile.

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