Gunshots Fired Early This Morning at SXSW in Austin (w/Video)


Revives memories of the tragic car crash two years ago during SXSW that killed four attendees.

By Blurt Staff

USA Today and other media outlets reported earlier today that early this morning (Sun, March 20), at around 1:30 am CT, an individual was arrested following a gunfire incident in the vicinity of Sixth Avenue and Trinity Street in Austin – right in the heart of SXSW. The USAT item posted, in part:

Officers recovered a gun around the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Trinity Street near Trinity Hall at Old School Bar & Grill, where Austin-based rock group Hour Band was playing a free SXSW show. No injuries were reported, according to a tweet from the Austin Police Department. The suspect was “captured,” but police did not give more details about the suspect and charges.

“Everybody just started running, screaming ‘oh my goodness,'” said Sean Smith, 37, who was working as a security guard for a SXSW vendor.

Full details have yet to be disclosed. The Austin Police Department tweeted the following:

APD on scene at shots fired call at 6th and Trinity. Suspect fired rounds into air, no injuries. Suspect captured and gun recovered. WC 6 — Austin Police Dept (@Austin_Police) March 20, 2016

Subsequently, an understandably chaotic video clip surfaced related to the incident:

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