Gun Club, Dream Syndicate, Hart, Salmon Vinyl LPs Reissued


Not to mention Celibate Rifles, Union Carbide Productions, Nomads, Speedball Baby, Gallon Drunk, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Drones, New Christs, Chrome Cranks…. (Above: clockwise from upper left – Gun Club, Dream Syndicate, Grant Hart, Kim Salmon & the Surrealists)

By Uncle Blurt

Seems like just a few minutes ago we were salivating over news that the first Modern Lovers album was getting a timely vinyl reissue, and now word arrives of some positively ear-popping platters about to resurface, courtesy of Spanish label Bang! (an affiliate of the ace archivists at Munster). It’s a veritable buffet o’ cool, and the latest in the label’s superb vault-trawling which has included all the artists listed above (and more). Here are the essential deets, courtesy the label, and check the link for more info:

THE GUN CLUB “Mother Berlin” LP: “Mother Juno” was the 2nd recording. Here is the original album!!!! Much louder, raw, aggressive and intense than “Mother Juno, here are the original recordings finally reunified and mastered for you to know how it really was supposed to be! Different recordings and even one previously unreleased track!

THE GUN CLUB “Danse Kalinda Boom”, LP: Finally reissue on vinyl of the official Gun Club album recorded in 1984 and with liner notes from Jeffrey Lee Pierce!!! No need to say more…

THE DREAM SYNDICATE “Weathered and torn”, LP: This is THE DREAM SYNDICATE lost album, recorded between 3rd and 4th official albums and including Chris Cacavas of GREEN ON RED in their line up, this album means the missing link between the Americana sound and the Velvets spirit of “the days of wine and roses”.

GRANT HART “Ecce homo”, LP: 1994 acoustic album by GRANT HART (HÜSKER DÜ) recorded in Seattle and recovering his solo career as well as his music back in HÜSKER DÜ and NOVA MOB.
Purely intense and heartfeeling album which brings us back to the honestly of Johnny Thunders´ “Hurt me”.

KIM SALMON AND THE SURREALISTS – Ya gotta let me do my thing, 2LP: Finally on vinyl (double LP, gatefold deluxe extended edition) this master piece released back in 1997 only in Australia. Kim Salmon and Jim Dickinson worked together and created this magnificent record which deserved strongly a vinyl plastic treatment. All the way from Melbourne, Australia to Memphis, USA. Kim Salmon, once again, exposed his versatility, creativity and imagination in this extense and variated album which takes us from the blaxplaitation pimp soundtrack as understood by Mr. Salmon, up to his genious focus on minimalist sounds.

THE CELIBATE RIFLES – Sideroxylon, LP: Originally released in 1983, this is The Celibate Rifles´ first album, finally reissued and remastered in order to make it sound as it was originally expected to! This record meant The Celibate Rifles entering directly into their place as one of Australian most influential bands ever in the high energy sounds alongside Radio Birdman and New Christs. With Kent Steedman on guitar and a rock solid rythm base, Damien Lovelock guided the band with his personal voice and vocals.

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