Guided By Voices’ “Bee Thousand” Reissued As Ltd.-ed. Clear Vinyl LP


Wait, did that just sell out?

By Uncle Blurt

Happy new year. Let’s usher in an era of peace, love, understanding and beer: Guided By Voices’ stone classic from 1992, Bee Thousand, is getting reissued on vinyl – in a clear wax, limited-to-500 copies edition to boot. Did I say that? Yes, limited to 500 copies. When you consider that vinyl had its biggest year ever in 2014, with a nearly 60% increase in sales over 2013, that suggests to me that (a) the platter ain’t gonna be around for very long, (b) eBay speculators are gonna have a field day, and (c) I better quit writing this and preorder my copy pronto.


It’s released Jan. 20 and is being offered over at Newbury Comics – who recently did nifty colored vinyl reissues of Jeff Buckley, Big Star and the Velvet Underground – so need I say more?

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