Grease Band/Wings’ Henry McCullough 1943-2016 R.I.P.

Henry McCullough shot in studio

Rocker hit all the right notes no matter who he worked with.

By Blurt Staff

His full name was Henry Campbell Liken McCullough, which is as Irish a name as you’re gonna get, and he was the gifted guitarist/vocalist who played a key role in Joe Cocker’s Grease Band as well as a little old band called Wings. You may have heard of the latter outfit’s leader… some folks call him “Macca.” According to The Guardian, the rocker’s music agent Nigel Martyn anounced today that  “McCullough died on Tuesday after a long illness. He said the guitarist never fully recovered from a severe heart attack suffered four years ago.”

McCullough was 72.

In addition to a celebrated appearance with Cocker at Woodstock in 1969 and working with Wings starting in 1971, the guitarist played with Donovan, Marianne Faithfull, George Harrison, Pink Floyd (sort of… check the Guardian link for details), Spooky Tooth, the Frankie Miller Band, Roy Harper, and even  the touring ensemble of Jesus Christ Superstar. He continued to work in a solo capacity and as a session guitarist up until his severe 2012 heart attack.


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