Grateful Dead Manager Rock Scully 1941-2014 R.I.P.

Rock Scully

Helped the band pioneer its unique brand of zen-based rock ‘n’ roll.

 By Blurt Staff

Following a lengthy bout with lung cancer, original Grateful Dead manager Rock Scully has died at the age of 73. Scully served as the band’s manager until 1984, then battling drug addiction and, later, cancer. The date of his passing was December 16; the news was only made public today. Rolling Stone reports that “one of Scully’s vocal cords collapsed in September, leaving him unable to speak,” adding that the Dead’s Bob Weir wrote in a tribute to Scully at the band’s website, “He put in the miles with us. He knew the words to all the songs. He knew the right things to say, to tell people, to let them know what we were all about without ever actually explaining anything, because he knew it couldn’t be explained. We bowled ahead and made history together – the kind people write books and make movies about. Rock was a big part of it all.

“When last we spoke, [Scully] was as full of wonder and curiosity as when we first met him back at the Acid Test. His mischievous sense of adventure made him a perfect candidate for the position of manager for a band with similar sensibilities and an equally similar disregard for the way things were supposed to be done.”



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