Grab Yerself a Somewhat Different Third Man Teeshirt + Flexidisc


“The occasional tiki concoction when the location is Pacific and the mood is right.” But of course!

By Blurt Staff

It’s called the “David James Swanson Third Man Records Pocket T” and while on the surface it’s just another teeshirt with the Third Man logo on it (white, gray, black colors), apparently Jack White is intent on rolling it out in high style via a rather in-depth product description that reads almost like a surreal short story and a promotion film that White helmed. You can view it, below.

As Whirlwind Heat’s David Swanson designed the tee for Third Man there’s also going to be a limited edition (go to the above link and read that product description; it’s a bit too goofy for us to attempt to relate here) you can score that comes with a W.H. flexidisc. It’s all available starting Friday at Third Man Records in Nashville and on the web.

Jack Tee

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