Grab That Surprise—and Free—Toro y Moi Mixtape


Odds ‘n’ sods time, y’all.

By Blurt Staff

If you go to a Dropbox link that mysteriously appeared on the interwebs last night you’ll snag a free 20-track mixtape created by indie hero Toro y Moi. Titled Samantha, it’s not specifically a followup to this year’s What For?; included are familiar (to fans at least) tracks “Room for 1zone,” “2 Late” and “Pitch Black.” But it also has 2012-15 unreleased material, including tunes he did with Nosaj Thing, Rome Fortune, Kool A.D. (of Das Racist) and Washed Out, so we’ll call it an intriguing odds ‘n’ sods collection intended to keep the TyM name out there. Reportedly the sales for What For? have been somewhat, er, underwhelming, so that may be part of the motivation.

Incidentally, for much of today when you go to the above link you get a message that it has been temporarily disabled due to all the traffic. Nothing like “free,” eh? So keep trying.


  1. “Power of Now”
    2. “2 Late” (feat. Kool A.D. & SAFE)
    3. “Driving Day”
    4. “Good Song”
    5. “Pitch Black” (feat. Rome Fortune)
    6. “Us 2”
    7. “That Night” (feat. Kool A.D. & SAFE)
    8. “Stoned at the MoMA”
    9. “Room for 1zone”
    10. “Want” (feat. Washed Out)
    11. “Ambient Rainbow”
    12. “Benjiminz” (feat. Rome Fortune)
    13. “Boo Boo Mobile”
    14. “bytheneck”
    15. “Real Love” (feat. Kool A.D.)
    16. “Enough of You” (feat. Nosaj Thing)
    17. “The Usual”
    18. “Prayer Hands”
    19. “Holy Nights” (feat. SHORE)
    20. “welp, tour’s over”


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