Go-Go’s Bassist Kathy Valentine Sues Bandmates

Kathy then


 By Perez Mills

 And in legal news this morning, Kathy Valentine, bassist for the Go-Go’s, is suing Go-Go’s members Belinda Carlisle, Jane Wiedlin, Charlotte Caffey and Gina Schock stemming from a dispute between the musicians in the wake of her March departure from the band. That was announced by the remaining Go-Go’s as due to “irreconcilable differences,” reports Billboard.com; Valentine is claiming that she is still entitled to 20% of revenues as that represents her stake in the business and that they are attempting to “deprive here” of that stake.

 The four recently established a new corporation, GoGoCo Corp., to handle licensing and revenue matters. Valentine is asserting that she could lose more than $1 million as a result.

 The Go-Go’s formed in LA in ’78, and while Carlisle and Wiedlin are the only remaining original members, Valentine came into the fold by late 1980 and was present by the time the group commenced making hits in the early ‘80s. Interestingly, original bassist Margot Olaverria sued the band in 1982 for wrongfully dismissing her from the band; that suit was settled two years later.

 Kathy now

The Go-Go’s have broken up a few times but have more or less been a touring entity since 2009, and Valentine was part of the ensemble until recently.

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