Get Lucky With Some Will Rigby (dB’s) Stuff!

Will Rigby

Hey, it’s Friday the 13th – you got a problem with that?

 By Fred Mills

 We gravitate towards dB’s content like the proverbial horseflies to honey (wait, that’s not the phrase… oh well….), and when it includes our old pal Will Rigby, drummer extraordinaire—also spotted of late behind the kit for the mighty Steve Earle, yo—we can’t help but sing the praises loudly. To that end, the dB’s music blog Repercussion has just posted a swathe of Rigby-related content, including:

 *interview about his 2002 album Paradoxaholic (which includes a classic diversion into Rigby’s obsession with Bob Dylan not to be missed)

 *more photos of WR than you can shake a drumstick at (wait’ll you see the pic of Will, Tift Merritt, Mitch Easter and Ira Kaplan)

 *interview conducted recently in Asheville during the Earle/Dukes tour

 *and an MP3 “rarities collection” suitable for downloading, listening, bootlegging, framing and otherwise crowing to all your dB’s friends about.

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