Genesis P-Orridge Diagnosed With Leukemia


Psychic TV/Throbbing Gristle icon battling CML.

By Barbi Martinez

Earlier this week, Psychic TV/Throbbing Gristle’s Genesis P-Orridge disclosed a recent diagnosis of leukemia, Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia (CML), writing, in part (and in trademark P-Orridge-ese):

“This couming Monday, though appropriate in that its thee day we begin a new experimental chemo, and blood transfusions and ov course! a 23rd. Is a possibility for healing sigils. Thee TOPI New Y-Era actually, we believe begins on December 23rd and coumtinues until January 23rd every yera. It’s seen as a metabolic cleansing and changing, a kind ov magickal menstruation ov T.I.M.E. so this couming Monday, should you feel inspired, do sigilise healing. We will try and post a way to collect thee Sigils. Perhaps create a plexi pillar to contain them.”

P-Orridge has also had to cancel planned European PTV concerts (including one for tonight, Oct. 22), adding, “We are sorry for any disappointment and hope to repair that loss as soon as we can. We also apologize to promoters, and all the hundreds of visible and invisible people who make these tours happen and these venues survive,”

Angry Love Promotions commented:

“This year Genesis P-Orridge has had some major struggles with her health. During the last 2 months she has been hospitalized more than once. Her doctors have decided she should not travel at the present time in order to recover fully. Therefore all upcoming European dates will be postponed to 2018. We will announce once we know more.”

The BLURT gang sends love to P-Orridge, and wishes for good health in the very near future.


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