Gene Ween is Broke, Selling His Latterday Ween Demos

Gene Ween

And most of them are actually quite good (none of them sound like Rod McKuen, luckily…)

 By Uncle Blurt

 For those of you who gulped hard after hearing Aaron “Gene Ween” Freeman’s Marvelous Clouds tribute to poet/songwriter Rod McKuen last year (and trust me, it was so atrocious my beard grew 13 inches longer, leaving me looking like a member of ZZ Top slumming for Duck Dynasty), emancipation is at hand: Freeman has just released a digital album entitled Gener’s Gone: The Final Demo Recordings of Gene Ween. It comprises a half-hour’s worth of Ween demos he cut 2009-11 that never made the, uh, final cut for Ween, which of course subsequently broke up.

 Over at his bandcamp page the six-song EP can be had for six bucks, which is a bargain, natch. The blurb at the page announces:

 After 20+ years of near-fatal drug & alcohol abuse (thankfully
culminating with intensive but successful rehab), AARON FREEMAN (aka Gene Ween) was left in a dire financial situation. All proceeds will go directly to Aaron, as he continues down the path toward creative freedom and personal health. These demos represent the final writings and music of Gene Ween, before he departed and the inner FREEMAN emerged. On that note, we have received a two word personal statement from Aaron: “stay tuned.”

 You can preview the tracks at the page and decide for yourself, but I give it 3 beards up!

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