Full Moon Fever!

Full Moon

Just say no… the full moon is tomorrow, May 25.

By Dr. Blurt

Hey kids, are you ADD? (Your parents probably think you are; get a second opinion, please.) Suffer from OCD? Or simply get kinda antsy when it gets close to another full moon? Lookin’ at YOU, Justin Bieber!

And YOU too, reader. Do the rest of us in the music world (or the entire world, for that matter): stay home. Don’t go out. Don’t interact with the rest of us at “this time of the month,” okay? Because you’re just making it harder on us normal folks – ask the people standing beside you right now in the rock club if you don’t believe us. Or the bands whose message boards and social media you are feeling compelled to post to right now. Seriously. We’ve been feeling your creepy presence breathing down our neck here at BLURT all week. Not kidding. Have someone lock you in your bedroom for the next 24 hours at very least. Thank you. This has been a public service announcement – with guitars!

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