Florida’s Moyamoya Unveil Eye-popping 1st Video


From the Sunshine State, with extreme love…

By Fred Mills

Back in December we reviewed what has turned out to be one of our favorite late-2014 finds, Jacksonville, Fla., post-rock outfit Moyamoya. The instrumental trio had recently dropped their debut full-length – a sweet, vinyl-only gem on colored wax at that – on the Fort Lowell label, and our scribe enthused thusly:

“These simultaneously intimate and explosive tunes exist within the realm of surprise; by the time you’ve begun to get a handle on ‘em, they’re gone, the band moving on to its next sonic extrapolation. Comparisons can be made to Mono or Explosions In the Sky, or even (at times) Mogwai, but that doesn’t necessarily suggest the raw beauty experienced herein, on the band’s debut.”

Amen to that. Looks like the combo is stepping up the proverbial game via their first video, for album track “Spring Guide to Fashion.” Timely, no? Check it out:

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