Flirtin’ With Disaster: An Oasis Doc from “Amy” Doc-tors


Please be our wonderwall, we mean, firewall, against this kind of stuff…

By Barbi Martinez, Blurt Intern

Amy (Winehouse, natch) director Asif Kapadia is reportedly being tagged to be the  executive producer, that film’s producer James Gay Rees the producer, and Mat Whitecross (who?) the director, for a forthcoming documentary about Oasis. Talk about a bundle of rabid ferrets…

Rolling Stone tells us: Distributor Independent will make an official announcement with more details on the project within the next week, but Independent’s managing director Andrew Orr spoke with Screen Daily about the project. “Oasis are without a doubt one of the classic British rock bands, selling 70 million albums worldwide and defining the sound of a whole era,” he said. “At its heart are Liam and Noel Gallagher, two of the finest rock and roll stars this country has ever produced. Mat’s sensibility and style are going to provide the perfect complement to this tale of the rise of one of the great rock and roll bands.”

Well, all right then! Good luck getting those rabid ferrets, er, Gallagher Brothers, into a cage together, lads. Do we even need to recount everything that has gone down with those (admittedly musically gifted) dysfunctional clowns?

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