Fleetwood Mac Fest Slated for Feb.

Mac fest

For a good cause, yo. But where is Calexico?

By Barbi Martinez

It’s hard to say which classic rock band takes more stick, the Eagles or Fleetwood Mac – this for their ego-drenched images of coke-fueled SoCal excess, not for any dearth of musical smarts. Point of fact, both bands crafted brillant music in their time, the Seventies, and they are rightly revered for that reason even if any contemporary activities fell strictly into the “greatest hits revue” category.

None of which is preventing Gen X-ers and Millennials from hoisting the proverbial flags, and those aiming to set sail on the good ship Mac next month at Los Angeles’ Fonda Theatre propose to have an F’n good time.

Fleetwood Mac Festtakes place Feb. 9-10 and will feature the great likes of Joanna Newsom, Alison Mosshart, Cold War Kids, Perry Farrell, Sarah Silverman, Lucius and Ruby Amanfu (along with the not-so-great-but-moderately-tolerable Butch Walker, Elvis Perkins, Karen Elson, Will Forte and Ke$ha, Proceeds are for a good cause, too: Sweet Relief and the Sweet Stuff. If you’re not familiar with those organizations, shame on you.

Below, listen to our friends Calexico doing their own accidental Mac tribute… which, by our way of thinking, should make them one of the headliners.

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